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Feng Shui consultation

Feng Shui consultation for residential and for business available throughout the United States and in Hungary. 
  • Preliminary telephone conversation
  • On site visit
  • Determining the orientation of the building
  • Examining exterior and interior
  • Give a written report - in depth analysis of the premises and recommendation for improvement
  • A follow up telephone call
Client kindly furnish the following prior to the consultation:
  • A floor plan (blueprint) of the premises
  • Fill out the Feng Shui Survey questionnaire
Consultation charge is based on the individual project.
Travel and accommodation expenses are the client's responsibility. 

Annual report update (does not require additional inspection): US $ 250.00 

Special audit: 

A pre-purchase or re-location, short written report given on the Feng Shui status of the premises. 

Fee: US $ 495.00 

Online feng shui consultations available in areas where Google Earth satellite imagery viewer is in effect! 
Please call or write for details. 

Date selection 

It is a Chinese tradition to choose the most auspicious date to build a home or to move into a new place or to open a business; which will ensure the most beneficial qi for a great beginning. 
When ordering please include your birth data: day, month, year, hour and the place of birth. 

Date selection fee: US $ 120.00 

Request a Feng Shui audit: 
Email: mariannahalassy@gmail.com