"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself." -- Chinese Proverb                                            

The Feng Shui Research Center 

The Feng Shui Research Center is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada. It was founded byMaster Joseph Yu in 1998 with the purpose of teaching and researching the ancient disciplines of traditional feng shui, Chinese astrology and the I Ching. 

Master Yu designed his courses for the average layman and for people who are dedicated to practice classical feng shui and Chinese astrology as professionals. Since 1998 the FSRC became one of the most prominent school in traditional feng shui and Chinese astrology studies and it has already trained hundreds of professional practitioners and teachers all over the world. Through the years the FSRC opened its door in many European countries and in the US with the dedication to offer the highest quality in education, to encourage research, and to promote these traditional arts and sciences in the most authentic form. 

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